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Cluster Development Action Plan

As the next step after cluster needs assessment, foundation is designing and implementing development action plan in selected SME clusters in FY 2016-17. SMEF will provide different types of supports required for the development of the clusters engaging all wings of SME Foundation. At the same time, SME Foundation will help them to create networking and linkage with related stakeholders. The major supports that will be provided by SME Foundation to the clusters are:
•    Capacity building training
•    Marketing related support
•    Finance and credit services
•    ICT support
•    Technology dissemination and adaptation
•    Policy advocacy
•    Linkage and network building
•    Promotion and publicity support
•    Others (as per needs like office equipment etc.)

The interventions are expected to deliver results such as:
•    Skilled entrepreneurs and workers
•    Detailed data base of the enterprises of the clusters
•    All entrepreneurs will have trade license, bank accounts and other legal and necessary formalities 
•    An equipped office, training center and product display center in the cluster area
•    Increase in the production of final product.
•    website of Cluster associations and products
•    Develop environment friendly system in the clusters
•    Linkage with national and international market
•    Network with local and national policy maker’s stakeholders and institutions etc.
•    Number of enterprises in the cluster increased
•    Improvement in the product quality
•    Product diversification
•    others

These supports will speed up sustainable entrepreneurship development process, which will generate employment and upgrade the overall socio-economic condition of the region. Thus the goals of SDG, vision 2021, 7th five year plan and Industrial Policy 2016 will be achieved.