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এসএমই পণ্য মেলা

There is a demand of quality SME products in Bangladesh and outside the country.  But, due to absence of desired marketing facilities, our local manufacturers are facing difficulty in marketing their products. Through participation in fair at national and regional level, SME’s get an opportunity to promote their products and interact with customers. SME Entrepreneurs can easily share & compare their products quality with their competitors, try to find out the new markets and enhance sales through participation in the fair. SME entrepreneurs showcases jute goods, foods and agriculture goods, leather goods, electronics and electrical appliances, light engineering goods, plastic, synthetic, handicrafts, imitation and jwellery, design and fashions goods at the fair.


The main objectives of the fair are:

  1. Promotion and market expansion of SME products at local and international level to enhance sales and product quality
  2. Linkage between buyers and sellers
  3. Feedback from the consumers regarding quality and new product/service development

For detail please visit: fair.smef.gov.bd