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SME Women Entrepreneurs Directory

To ensure the participation of women entrepreneurs in the mainstream of development and empowerment is a significant aspect of the foundation's activities. You'll be glad to know that Women Entrepreneurship development Wing of the SME Foundation has published "SME Women Entrepreneurs Directory" related to the business related information of women entrepreneurs in order to expand their work range. Data obtained from various individuals, organizations, government and non-government organizations, women organizations, City Corporation, banks and non-bank financial institutions, has been inserted in the directory after proper sorting and processing. According to us, at present it is a database containing information of most women entrepreneurs of our country.

People / organizations who have helped us with the necessary information to publish directory, we express sincere gratitude to each of them. It was not possible to publish it without their assistance. We have made every effort to avoid errors of reliable data to insert. If any information is incorrect, it will be fixed in the next version.

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SME Women Entrepreneurs Directory